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Hi, I'm Joanna!


"Being challenged in life is inevitable.  Being defeated is optional." -- Roger Crawford


You’ve worked hard to lose those last stubborn pounds of body fat, but they just won’t budge.  You’ve changed your diet, your exercise, your habits... still nothing.  Stress has increased and body image has decreased.  Your hormones have taken over your mood, energy, and all feelings of arousal.  All of a sudden, your entire world revolves around what you put in your mouth and you begin to feel disconnected with your close friends and family, including your spouse.

I get it.  I’ve been there.  But trust me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I’m Joanna Shinault, you can call me “Jo”.  I’m a Real Food Consultant and Functional Fitness Coach.  I serve and inspire others who are ready to reclaim their Joy, Energy, and Life through Whole Body Healing by giving them the knowledge and tools to take charge of their life, hormones, stress, fatigue while looking & feeling awesome in the meantime.

My passion and aim is to empower people to create the life they love from the inside out with real food and fitness.  I strongly believe that with the right information (and maybe a friendly nudge) everyone can achieve their personal, optimum level of health (and get rid of that pudge for good).

So what do I do when I’m not on here?

When I’m not writing in my blog, researching new content, or creating irresistible content, I can be found plunging headfirst into podcasts, books, seminars, and online academies related to health, nutrition, fitness, personal development, and life as a whole.  During those times when I simply want to turn my brain “off”, you can find me enjoying God’s beautiful outdoor creation, exercising, attempting to cook (definitely no expert), or relaxing on the couch with my hubby and kitty.

Just Dying to Learn More??  Glad to hear it!

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